Windows are the eyes to a house as much as doors are like the mouth of the house.

Windows went from just being sources of ventilation to becoming an important aspect of home interior design. Sometimes am an entire room’s design can be centred on a window or its frame. Windows do more than allow in light or air, they add beauty and character to a room. You can customize the Windows in your house to suit your design. Windows tell a lot about the house. The windows can give your house a modern look or a vintage look. Your window style preference is totally dependent on the design of the house.

Installing a window in a house might seem like an easy job which anyone can handle until you realise it is not just about glasses in wooden or aluminium frames but a whole lot more.

To get a properly installed window you should use the services of a professional widow installation company.

Who we are.

We install windows   and we fix windows   and we are professionals who have been at this for quite a while with a team of expert home engineers who know all there is to know about window installations and fixing of damaged windows.

What we do

We work hand in hand with home construction companies. We mostly carry out installations on new homes, renovations for homes undergoing remodelling and we also handle repairs of old windows.

We install all types and structure of windows.  

What are your window preferences?

Double -hung windows ,casement windows ,Awning windows , picture window ,bay window, stationary window, slider window and transom window. We install these and a whole lot more.

How we work

The business starts with a visit from you to us, this stage is the consultation stage, where we listen to your design idea, your window style preference, the number of window openings you want and your total proposed budget. When we have settled the first stage, next we will visit you to take the measurements of the window frames and decide which of the frames best suit the design of the house and the client’s idea. The next step is getting the job done.

If the service required is a repair service then we will have to match the materials of the already existing windows to that of the new ones.

Value for money

With the level of expert window installing professionals available in our company, we are set to give you the best window work for your money.

Customer satisfaction

We are concerned with giving our customers the best window installation service and working to their utmost satisfaction. From start to finish, we put the customer’s needs in front.  We working schedule so as to deliver a high quality job in good time.