Rarely will you find a place like New Gretna, New Jersey! We offer a unique blend of small town charm and thriving businesses, all close to major transportation and quiet neighborhoods.



Strategizing to maximize the efficiency of the community of New Gretna

Working Directly with small businesses

Our goal is to help local businesses thrive and serve the community, bringing life to New Gretna.

Small businesses

New Gretna has many thriving businesses that add onto the life of the  community as a whole

Within minutes of the city are fabulous recreational opportunities such as Schramm and Mahoney state parks, not to mention a great golf course, Safari Park, the Strategic Aerospace Museum and swimming pools. The Chamber has a membership of 150 businesses and organizations in the City of Gretna and immediate surrounding area. The Chamber strives to promote a thriving community and a strong climate for business and industry. We think you’ll agree that Gretna is “a fine place to call home” as well as a “great place to do business.”

Gretna Area Chamber of Commerce officers

President: Joe Johnson

Vice President: Rob Burgeon

Secretary: Jerry Smith

Treasurer: Tom Farnese

How has the Chamber helped you?


The chamber is very efficient in establishing their agendas and they do a great job with serving the community



The support for average citizens is great and very mindful. 



I’ve only had positive experiences with the chamber and they always seek to serve the community and citizens the best they can. 



Whether you are roofing a new house or replacing old roofing sheets with new ones or fixing a leak, at some point in time, almost  everyone needs the services  of a roofing company.
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Our company
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More than just roofing.
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A home is more than just a building with rooms, a home is where the heart is and it should reflect that. A paint job is the finishing touch on a building that reflects the heart of a home. An observant person can tell a lot about the inhabitants of a home from just the paint job.
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